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Urban agriculture isn't as climate-friendly as it seems – but these best practices can transform gardens and city farms

Urban agriculture is expected to be an important feature of 21st century sustainability and can have many benefits for communities and cities, including providing fresh produce in neighborhoods with few other options. …

Iceland battles a lava flow: Countries have built barriers and tried explosives in the past, but it's hard to stop molten rock

Fountains of lava erupted from the Sundhnúkur volcanic system in southwest Iceland on Jan. 14, 2024. As the world watched on webcams and social media, lava flows cut off roads and bubbled …

These industries are responsible for the most greenhouse gas emissions

SmartAsset ranked 1,016 industries based on the estimated greenhouse gas emissions generated by individual supply chains, measured in equivalent kilograms of CO2 (CO2e) per dollar spent.
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Tiny water-walking bugs provide scientists with insights on how microplastics are pushed underwater
Microplastics are tiny plastic particles that can cause big problems when they enter the water supply. One way my fluid dynamics lab explores microplastic movement is by studying how tiny water-walking insects are pushed underwater by raindrops. …
How to prevent America's aging buildings from collapsing – 4 high-profile disasters send a warning
Four recent catastrophic building collapses and a near miss are raising concerns about the state of America’s aging buildings and questions about who, if anyone, is checking their safety. …
Laundry is a top source of microplastic pollution – here's how to clean your clothes more sustainably
Laundry washwater is a major source of microplastic fibers that can end up in water and soil. Venca-Stastny/iStock via Getty Images Microplastics are turning up everywhere, from remote mountain tops …
Blizzards are inescapable − but the most expensive winter storm damage is largely preventable
Wrecks during snowstorms can shut down highways, stranding drivers in the cold for hours. Ben Hasty/MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images Winter storms can easily become billion-dollar …
To protect endangered sharks and rays, scientists are mapping these species' most important locations
A tiger shark swims among surgeonfish off Fuvahmulah Atoll, Maldives, in the Indian Ocean. imageBROKER/Norbert Probst via Getty Images All of the saltwater bodies on Earth make up one big ocean . But …

National Grid: Improving Jobs with the Clean Energy Transition

Doing well by doing good: Many New Yorkers may soon find good jobs in the clean energy sector.
(NAPSI)—Addressing climate change is an all-hands-on-deck undertaking. It requires a smarter, stronger, and cleaner energy grid that provides affordable, reliable power when and where people need …

How to Build a Sustainable Home

(Family Features) If you're starting construction on the home of your dreams, consider the benefits of building with sustainability and energy efficiency in mind.

3 Reasons to Ditch Your Laundry Detergent for Eco Strips

3 Reasons to Ditch Your Laundry Detergent for Eco Strips
(NewsUSA) - The laundry industry would have you believe that in order to get brilliant, clean laundry, you need to use powders, liquids and pods that are diluted with water, and come in bulky, …

Natural Food Storage Containers Can Help Save Money

Natural Food Storage Containers Can Help Save Money
(TVA) - As food costs continue to rise, many people are seeking creative solutions to stretch their dollars and reduce wasted food. Buying and cooking food in bulk helps save money, as well as …
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Moving in with your partner? Talking about these 3 things first can smooth the way, according to a couples therapist

The Conversation presents three key things couples can do to make the decision to move in together a smooth and happy experience.

Can't buy me love? The average date in America costs $123

To calculate the average cost of a date in 2024, MoneyGeek analyzed the average cost of dinner and a movie for two in 50 major cities across the country.

To have better disagreements, change your words – here are 4 ways to make your counterpart feel heard and keep the conversation going

This Valentine's Day season, The Conversation offers four ways couples can keep the conversation (and the romance) alive.

10 cities with the most single men and women

SmartAsset examined the latest trends in marriage and singlehood across 118 U.S. cities.  

States with the most substance use treatment centers that accept Medicaid and Medicare

Where in America can Medicaid users get easy access to substance use disorder treatment? Ophelia analyzed data from SAMHSA to find out.

A brief look at Black American history told through 10 food traditions

Black American cuisine is varied and has deep roots in the U.S. Stacker used research from colleges and food historians to highlight 10 historic dishes.